Day 1 — Off to a slow start

Tasked with making matching nightgowns for granddaughter Madi and her newly discovered doll, i waited, as usual, till the last minute. Madi’s gown went together well, but my sewing machine was determined to devour the doll’s. Or maybe it was just that I again didn’t get it threaded correctly. Anyway, I got the gown loose and finished it this morning, so I didn’t set out until 10ish.

The drive through southern Arizona and New Mexico is pretty flat, not much to see: Lots of yuccas, lots of scrubby stuff. I stopped for a break in Lordsburg at Kranberry’s, where I found this cool stained glass piece:

Stained glass at Kranberrys - Lordsburg NM

Caught in stained glass at Kranberry’s in Lordsburg, NM: A miner, his donkey and his burger.

After passing through Deming, I turned north at Las Cruces, headed for Alamogordo. Along the way I took a quick look at White Sands:

Yuccas in the White Sands

Almost flat, these yuccas kiss the white sands.

Ripples in the sand at White Sands

Ripples in the sand at White Sands

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