Day 2 — A space “buddy”

Another slow day…After remembering the International Space Hall of Fame / New Mexico Museum of Space History, I wanted to visit quickly. “Quickly” ended up being two hours. I had a nice chat with a man who had worked at NASA in Houston and who knew many of the astronauts. We exchanged some stories, and I had to go back to find out why the museum has NO German astronauts (there were six or seven, depending on whether you count the East German who flew during the USSR days and Ulf Merbold, who flew for the European Space Agency). The museum is nice, lots of info, prominent on the side of a hill with a rocket to the side.

Leaving the museum, I took the “mom route” (as opposed to the “direct route”) — and found the Deutsche Schule Alamogordo, complete with several large yellow school buses. I know the German air force has a group in town, but I didn’t realize the group was large enough to support a school. And another reason I’m surprised to find NO German astronauts in the International Space Hall of Fame.

I lived in Albuquerque from 1972 to 1980 but never got to Ruidoso or Roswell. Now was my opportunity. Ruidoso reminded me a little of Flagstaff, Arizona — in the mountains, similar trees. I was expecting more art galleries, more interesting cafés. I did find the Emporium, a large antique place:

Old stained glass ticket window of Emporium in Ruidoso NM

Stained glass, formerly the ticket window, at the Emporium, Ruidoso, NM

On to Roswell, New Mexico, home of the UFOs and a possible crash landing in 1947:

UFO creature - Roswell, NM

UFO creature – Roswell, NM

Then it was on into Texas, to Brownfield for the night. I had aimed for Lubbock but forgot about the added hour when I crossed into the Central Time Zone. As it turned out, tonight I may not have gotten a room there anyway — big college football game.

Tomorrow it’s on through Lubbock and Wichita Falls to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

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