Day 4 – A successful party

The day started off with getting together with Lisa, a former colleague who now lives in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma. We ran an errand in Norman, then found her husband wouldn’t be able to join us for lunch, so we took off for Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. The attraction is a large exhibit of Dale Chihuly pieces. Chihuly is one of the best known glassblowers in the U.S. today, although he doesn’t actually blow anymore.

Unfortunately, I didn’t put together “today is Monday” and “the museum is closed on Mondays” until we got there.  Poor Lisa gave me a great tour of Oklahoma City and downtown construction (almost as bad as in Tucson), trying to find the museum and then a parking space. We did have a nice lunch in the upscale museum restaurant, which was open. The banister in the main part of the building had some wonderful glass on it, a bird sitting on a branch. I’m not sure how these were created — perhaps casting:

Detail of banister on staircase in building housing the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Detail – Banister of staircase in building housing the Oklahoma City Museum of Art

The museum has a Chihuly piece that’s about the height of the building, more than three stories. Here’s a part of it, shot through the glass:

Part of multi-story Chihuly piece -OKC MOA

Shot through the window – Part of multi-story Chihuly piece at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, closed on Mondays.

I may have to come back through Oklahoma City on a different day on my drive back.

After a quick tour of Pauls Valley, about 60 miles south of Oklahoma City, Lisa dropped me off and went home to get ready for the fused glass party this evening. I did a little sightseeing on my own and found a little park by the train station. I liked the gateway:

Gateway to Pauls Valley, OK, park at the train station

Gateway to Pauls Valley, OK, park at the train station

Lisa invited six friends and relatives over for a nice spread of food. They dug through all the necklaces and earrings I’d brought. One bought several pendants and earrings, a plate and a pursehanger. Lisa got a necklace, along with a hostess gift of two small plant stakes.

She’s been telling me about her husband and how he paints. Boy, does he! A wonderful painter, as was his father. Tomorrow, on my way zipping out of town, he’s going to show me a little about the leaves he lasers — another way to get leaf skeletons, it sounds like.  Of course, “collaboration” is running through my mind.

On a down note, I showed Lisa, Kevin, Lisa’s mom and son Seth the pieces I’m taking to the show in Richmond. One of the smaller bowls, a “Sun Bowl”, was neatly broken in two. I hope that will be the only casualty. Obviously, I didn’t pack the pieces well enough — or, more probably, I put something heavier on this light piece.

Tomorrow I hope to get to Memphis. It’s going to be a l-o-n-g day, and probably another boring one. We have to eat, so farmland is good — but the drive from southern Arizona through southern New Mexico (except for the mountains around Ruidoso) and through Texas up to Pauls Valley was extremely monotonous. Miles and miles and miles and miles of farmland or just scrub or grass. No cafes, no gas stations, hardly any houses. But great cell phone coverage (I checked this periodically). I had a hard time staying awake between Brownfield, Texas, and Pauls Valley.

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