Day 6 – Mission #2 accomplished

My first “mission” of this trip was the fused glass party at Lisa’s in Pauls Valley. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, Lisa’s husband gave me a leaf (Bartlett pear) with a butterfly lasered in:

Lasered Bartlett pear leaf

Lisa’s husband gave me a Bartlett pear leaf in which he laser-cut the design of a butterfly. I’ll try it with mica when I get home.

I can’t wait to try this out with mica!

The second was to deliver a package from artist Wall Batterton to his friend and fellow artist Leo Monahan, near Asheville, North Carolina.  To see Leo’s paper sculptures, see and his blog at

It was a long drive today from Jackson, Tennessee, through Nashville and Knoxville to Asheville. The good thing is that yesterday through Arkansas and today through Tennessee I couldn’t complain about boring landscape. There were even places to stop and get coffee, etc. Crossing the Mississippi at Memphis yesterday was impressive. Both days the landscape had lots of trees and creeks / rivers/ lakes. Today the drive took me through the Smoky Mountains ( a little) and through a couple of narrow tunnels  — with lots of 18-wheetlers. A little unsettling at times, but I made it.

Tomorrow, I’ll be passing through Clemmons on the way to Raleigh, North Carolina, where I’ll stay with cousins (by ex-marriage) Susan and Sam. Then it’s on to Richmond, and my third mission of the trip.

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