Day 7 – Almost there

Today I started out in Weaverville, North Carolina, where Leo kindly took me to dinner last night. I didn’t find much in the way of glass to photograph…just the restaurant. He didn’t realize I’m into glass, but the restaurant — which was excellent, by the way — was most appropriate: The Glass Onion.

The Glass Onion, Weaverville, North Carolina

The Glass Onion, Weaverville, North Carolina, the best Italian food I’ve eaten in a long, long time.

After checking out a couple of little galleries around the restaurant, I set out for Grovewood Gallery, where Leo has his work. It was an experience finding the place, which is next to the Grove Park Inn and Resort, a very upscale, huge hotel. The gallery is behind the hotel, not all that well marked. If you think you’re going to the golf course, you’re OK.

Leo had warned me that the gallery has some phenomenal furniture. I can’t even begin to describe the wonderful tables, lamps and other items in this gallery. Just check it out for yourself: It’s a huge place, on two levels. I just drooled…. I need to find a good income stream, so I can trade in some of my tables for some of these.

Then it was off to Clemmons, North Carolina, to meet Brad Walker and Jody Danner Walker of Warm Glass. Brad is involved in some list servs for glass and Jody has done a lot of silk screening on glass. She has some terrific pieces in their gallery / store / class area.

I rolled in to Raleigh, to my cousins Susan and Sam Clopper, about 5. I only had to call for directions once. Tonight was Mexican…a place as good as any in Tucson. My third task on this trip was to drop off a bowl, a belated wedding present for Cynthia, Susan and Sam’s daughter who got married in Columbus, Ohio, this summer.

Cynthia's bowl

Late additional wedding present for Cynthia and Brian, who were married in July in Columbus, Ohio

Tomorrow, if all goes as planned,  I’ll be in Richmond.

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