Day 3 – GLASS, Glass, glass

My day started at the Toledo Museum of Art ( I missed this last summer, when I was in Columbus for a wedding. During a job interview a couple of months ago, one of the people mentioned this museum. After checking the Internet, I added this to my itinerary for Richmond.

The museum is free, but parking normally costs $5. This morning, because of some repairs to the parking lot, it cost nothing.

The museum is housed in two buildings. The regular art is in an old-style building, the glass is across the street in a glass building, designed by a Japanese architectural firm.

As cool as glass in an all-glass building (outside and inside walls of glass) is, I found pieces were often close to the walls — but that wasn’t obvious — as I hit an invisible obstacle. The museum has an impressive amount of blown and cast glass, including many pieces by Dale Chihuly…

Chihuly closeup

Closeup of Dale Chihuly piece

And one by Karen LaMonte, who casts glass dresses (minus body). An American, she lives in the Czech Republic.

Karen LaMonte

Karen LaMonte”s Dress Impression with Train at the Toledo Museum of Art

Besides modern glass, the museum has an impressive collection of glass from early centuries.

After four hours and a light lunch in the museum cafe, I was off. I noticed that I had passed Fostoria yesterday. Today, it was on the way. The Glass Heritage Gallery offers pieces by four companies that were once around the area. The folks watching the museum today had a son who went to the University of Arizona several years ago! They recommended another gallery in Tiffin.

So, 15 miles further along, I checked out the Tiffin Glass Museum. Exceptionally, I was allowed to take a photo of a couple of pieces I really liked. They both contain neodymium, which is a lovely lavender color — until you turn on fluorescent lights. Then you have a bluish color. I learned the hard way about this color with a plate and some jewelry I made, using a similar glass:

Tiffin vase

Tiffin vase with neodymium

At the end, I headed down the road to Findlay, Ohio, about 40 miles south of Toledo:

Welcome to Findlay, Ohio

Welcome to Findlay, Ohio

Near the hotel cluster I stayed in is a pond with some “art” at one end. Tomorrow I need to ask what the signficance is:

Art near a pond by several hotels in Findlay, Ohio

Art near a pond by several hotels in Findlay, Ohio

Tomorrow will be a short day, about 4 1/2 hours. I’ll go to Richmond, Kentucky, just south of Lexington. I’m going to visit Sandy, my roommate at the Deutsche Sommerschule at Middlebury College back in 1970. We haven’t seen each other for at least 20 years.

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