Day 8 – On the road

Today was just on the road. I set out shortly after 9 a.m. in Maumelle, Arkansas, and ended up around 7 p.m. in Amarillo, Texas. I had thought about stopping at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, but, because of all the construction downtown and total lack of any signs, I just kept going.  The Toledo Museum of Art had been so wonderfully easy to find….

Lots of construction in general on the way today. And I found a “wind farm” again, this time in Oklahoma.  The photo isn’t bad, considering I shot it through the window, without looking, at 70 mph:

Wind farm in Oklahoma

Wind farm along I-40 in Oklahoma

Tomorrow my plan is to visit my friend Judy in Santa Fe, where the New Mexico Museum of Art just opened an exhibit of pieces made using Bullseye Glass (“Emerge 2012”). Included in the exhibit are works by Klaus Moje, the glass artist who judged the exhibit for Bullseye. Judy is concerned about a weather front that may move in.

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