Day 10 – Westward bound!

On the way back from the museum yesterday, I remembered a glass artist who was displayed in a Tucson gallery but who lives in New Mexico. I finally remembered her name (Melissa Haid), googled her and, after getting directions and saying goodbye to Judy, took off for Canyon Road and the gallery where her work is displayed. Melissa Haid’s work often seems to incorporate leaf-like objects:

Melissa Haid - outside La Mesa of Santa Fe

Melissa Haid – outside La Mesa of Santa Fe

I got so excited about another glass sculpture that I went sprawling:

Gary Slater - Sky Disc

Gary Slater – Sky Disc

Strolling along Canyon Road I found this fountain:

Fountain - Canyon Road - Santa Fe

Fountain at a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe

Then westward ho! A quick lunch in Gallup,


Gallup, across the street from Earl’s Restaurant

then on through the wind, and around Flagstaff, Arizona, pouring rain. After a close call with no motel, I’m in Cottonwood, Arizona.

Tomorrow I plan on Jerome, a mining ghost town-turned art haven, Cave Creek (where another artist and I found interest by a gallery in our work) and then home.

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