Day 11 – Home sweet home

The storm that was forecast finally really rolled through Cottonwood about 5 this morning, complete with thunder and hard downpour. It was pretty much back to normal by the time I set out for Jerome about 10.

Jerome is an old mining town that was reborn as an artists’ colony. The steep streets have homes, galleries and cafes. And a view of the world:

View from Jerome, Arizona

View of the world from Jerome, Arizona

I found two really interesting places: the Jerome artists cooperative, which has the work of 36 artists in the area, and the Pura Vida Gallery. This gallery had some really unusual fabric and stained glass pieces. Also an artist who made cool pieces using colored leaf skeletons. I’m going to try to find this person to see how he gets the skeletons. The coloring is interesting, but I’d just like to be able to make – reliably – my own leaf skeletons.

A quick trip through Cave Creek, to check on a gallery, and then home to Tucson, just in time to get my accumulated mail.

The trip details:

From Tucson to Richmond, VA: 2,455 miles                                                               From Richmond to Tucson, via Toledo, Ohio, and Richmond, Kentucky: 3,548      For a total of 6,003 miles on the road

I haven’t filled up since I got home, but it looks like my Corolla got around 33 miles to the gallon.

Diane’s big adventure / road trip from Tucson, Arizona, to Richmond, Virginia, is now over.

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