The next big adventure

Today I’m embarking on the next adventure, where I hope to find some glass, but where I’ll definitely find some Spanish. That’s actually the point of this adventure: to improve my Spanish.
Some months ago, Annabelle — who’s been a great glass client since we met on a Costa Rica trip in 2010 — and Kathy — who was also on the Costa Rica trip — got in touch about continuing to learn Spanish, but this time in Nicaragua.
I have to admit, Nicaragua was not exactly on my list of “must sees”. But then again, neither was Poland, back in the 80s, and that turned out to be a beautiful country with some really nice people. So, what the heck, I thought. And today (3/7/2014) the adventure begins.
Nicaragua, in case you (like me) have no clue, is in Central America, south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica. Once again, they’re talking about a canal through the country, linking east with west, like the Panama Canal. I found an old Spanish book, ca. 1958, that mentions the idea, so it’s not new.
We’ll spend next week at Nicaragua Mia language school. But, first we have to get there. Tonight Kathy and I will meet up in Houston, Texas. By morning, Annabelle will be there, too, and then we fly to Managua Saturday, March 8.
Stay tuned for more.

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