Day 1 – Granada, Nicaragua

Kathy and I were up at some ungodly hour, like just after 4 a.m., to catch the 6 a.m. shuttle, to be sure we got our 9 a.m. flight to Managua, Nicaragua. We sped through all the formalities — somehow I managed to end up with a business class ticket down, which included pre-check through TSA and faster boarding. We met up with Annabelle, who’d come in on a red-eye, at the gate.
My part of the flight was fine — extra room so the woman by the window, who was pregnant and said she would be making many visits to the restroom, could squeeze by without my getting up each time.
Houston was really cold when we left. Managua, on the other hand, was quite warm (and humid) when we arrived. The runway seemed to be in the middle of a pasture, and the pilot tromped on the brakes really hard as he landed the plane. We had a lot of students from a variety of religious groups with us — the dark green t-shirts, the burgundy t-shirts and the blue t-shirts.
Going through passport control, we managed to find the absolute slowest line, but we eventually got through. Luggage came through fairly quickly after that, and we found the driver of our Toyota Yaris quickly. He said he’d been waiting for two hours, although we arrived pretty much on time about 12:30 p.m.
The drive to Granada took the better part of an hour, through narrow streets. I won’t comment about the poverty in our Tucson trailer parks any more. Because we were moving right along, I couldn’t take photos until we got to Granada and walked around a little.

Mosaic sign for the Hotel Patio del Malinche, our home for the week.

Our home away from home for the next several days, Hotel Patio del Malinche. It’s conveniently down the street from our language school. The sign is a cool mosaic. The hotel is loaded with tasteful artistic touches.

Courtyard of hotel, Granada

The first inner courtyard at Hotel Patio del Malinche. Looking in the doors of other hotels, this seems to be the usual style.

Upstairs walkway at El Patio del Malinche.

Upstairs walkway at El Patio del Malinche. Our rooms, 11 and 12, were at the top of the stairs.

My room

My room, which was quite nice, at El Patio del Malinche. Annabelle and Kathy had a room about the same size, but with two beds in it.

Leaves on the wall in my room, up close.

Here are the leaves up closer.

The shower in my bathroom.

The shower in my bathroom. US hotel rooms should be so clean and tastefully put together.

Pool from above.

We left — unfortunately — our swimsuits at home. The pool wasn’t large, but nice to stick our feet in to cool off. This is from our upstairs hallway.

We checked in and then walked down the street to Nicaragua Mia, the language school we’re going to be attending. Hmm.

Jungle of wires

Jungle of wires on building near our hotel.

The buildings around our hotel tend to be brightly painted.

The buildings around our hotel tend to be brightly painted.

blog  Sidewalk near hotel - Granada - 3-8-14
We walked around in the pedestrian zone a little, to see what was there. One shop had some very cool bookshelves.
blog  Metal bookcase in shop in Granada 3-8-14

Wood bookshelf in store, Granada

Wood bookshelf in a store in the pedestrian zone of Granada.

Ranch House Restaurant

Ranch House Restaurant, a brightly colored building in the pedestrian zone, Granada

Brightly colored building on the square in Granada

Tierra Tours, in the pedestrian zone of Granada. Tomorrow we’ll take one of their tours to the volcano Mombacho.

Mombacho from the hotel.

The volcano Mombacho, from our hotel. This is our Day 2 visit.

We made the rounds of the restaurants and ended at El Zaguán. Annabelle and Kathy enjoyed the “corvina”, which we later saw translated as “sea bass” and I had an appetizer of eggplant parmesan, which was super. It turns out this is one of the best restaurants in Granada.

I do have an Internet connection in Hotel Patio del Malinche, where we’re staying, but it’s slow and I get a lot of error messages, even though my computer tells me I’m hooked up and have an excellent signal.



  1. ellen

     /  March 9, 2014

    Loved your pictures! I feel like I’m walking right beside you. Good luck on your studies!

  2. Chris

     /  March 8, 2014

    So glad to see you’re safe and sound. After reading your post I remembered that I was in Granada for a couple of hours years ago when I was on a cruise. The part I remembered was we bought some trinkets and spices in the open market on our way back to the ship. Later that evening when we were going through our purchases the bags were full of bugs! Needless to say, we got rid of them immediately. The good news is none of us were required to get shots before the trip so I’m not going to worry about you too much. Take care and have a wonderful time on your great adventure. I’ll be following your internet travel journey.

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