Day 7 (Friday / Happy Birthday, Kathy!), Granada, March 14

Another warm day. Kathy, who has a birthday today, was off with World Vision to visit her “godchild”. Annabelle and I had our last class.

Encouraged by our visit to the market yesterday, Annabelle and her instructor went to a museum. Javier and I continued our work on grammar, finally getting to the subjunctive. I’m trying to fill in gaps, with some success, I think. At the end, I asked if his wife wore earrings and produced a few pair I’d brought along. He picked one and was very excited to receive such a gift. For me, it’s one less thing to drag home. I brought some earrings for Annabelle to select from and pendants for Kathy, since they’d done most of the work for the trip. Kathy selected a tile I’d brought along, too, so she ended up with a pendant for a birthday gift.

Anyway, through her instructor, Annabelle organized a wonderful cake.

Kathy's cake

I messed up on the lighting, so the brilliant turquoise of the frosting on Kathy’s cake is kind of muddy.

We hid it in my room until dinner. Since Kathy was gone until mid-afternoon, Annabelle and I Went off to take care of Sunday’s transportation to and tour of Managua. Lunch at Panaderia Luna was disappointing. We each ordered a broccoli quiche — which turned out to be chicken with some broccoli leaves and carrot in it. I tried, but didn’t get too far with it. Then we split a very dry almond croissant. Ah, well. You win some, you lose some.

A cart full of toys

A cart full of toys, near the cathedral in Granada

A very modern, very out-of-place tractor

A very modern, very out-of-place tractor, parked near the Central Plaza and the cathedral

We then set off to look at the cathedral, which was locked up tight, and to find the third language school we’d considered. Sol is two blocks west of the Xalteva church and 1/2 block south on Calle El Cementerio.

Along the way, we found this truck, a bit far from home.

A misplaced truck? Jessup, Maryland, is far away.

I almost forgot where I was….This was in Granada.

Xalteva is a hike, and it was quite warm. We went on past and didn’t find the street. Ahead we saw a walled area that we thought could be a cemetery. Turned out it was the fort we’d wondered where was, but not the cemetery.

Sign at the entrance of the fort in Granada

Sign at the entrance of the fort in Granada, built in 1748.

Outside the gates of the Fortaleza

Outside the gates of the Fortaleza

Lookout post at the Fortaleza

Lookout post at the Fortaleza

Another shot of the Fortaleza

Another shot of the Fortaleza

Inside the fort

The gate was closed, but I managed to shoot this photo of the fort anyway.

On the way back, we found the street, marked so you could see it from one direction and not the other. We walked the whole block and saw only closed doors and no sign for a school. It didn’t appear to be the greatest of neighborhoods.

I suggested we look in the Xalteva Church. I’d seen that it was open before. Now we knew why: a funeral was taking place. We saw the wagon with two bored-looking horses out front.

Horses and funeral wagon wait outside Iglesia Xalteva.

Horses and funeral wagon wait outside Iglesia Xalteva.

Kathy was home when we got back at 3. She filled me in on her trip, and I went back to fiddle with the computer. A woman down the hall started talking to me and showed me where the router on the second floor, where our rooms are, is. We chatted for a few minutes — she was Danish, on a tour and going on to Costa Rica. She and her husband were then flying off to visit her sister an hour out of Orlando. A little prodding brought “Cocoa Beach”, which is what I figured. It’s where the Kennedy Space Flight Center is, where the Space Shuttle was launched from.

At 5:15 we met for our daily happy hour. We had dinner back at El Zaguán, where we were the first evening. Our guide books confirmed what we’d found by accident: it’s one of the best restaurants in town. We took the cake along, and Annabelle explained the deal to the waiter, who was happy to take the cake.

Dinner for me was “Pumpkin soup”, something green with mint leaves on it that tasted good but not like the pumpkin I know, and again the eggplant parmesan (berenjena con parmesan) appetizer. My two companions had a steak and were also quite happy. The restaurant specializes in grilled meats.

The waiter brought the cake with the candle Annabelle had brought along and sang Happy Birthday to her, with a little help from us. As they were leaving, a British couple sitting nearby stopped and wished Kathy a happy birthday, too — they were on a tour and it was that woman’s birthday, as well.



  1. Erin

     /  March 15, 2014

    Really enjoying your Blog Diane!
    Thank you for taking the time to post it.
    If Belle has time please have her read my E mail.
    Many Thanks

  2. ellen

     /  March 15, 2014

    so much fun reading about your adventures! Travel is such a mix of treasures and disappointments. Loved your food expos!

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