Day 10 (Monday), Granada, March 17

My first night at Hotel La Pergola is done. This room has no storage, so I have all the tables covered. I retrieved a chair from elsewhere so I could sit at the computer. One wall is a strong lavender, which is a positive. And it has hot water (Hotel del Malinche did in the afternoons…), and the Internet connection seems to be more reliable. At least it was Sunday evening. This evening, not so much, but apparently that’s the area, not just the hotel.

Stained glass lamp at the reception desk of Hotel La Pergola.

This is a glass blog…but I didn’t find much art glass in Granada. This was a stained glass lamp in the reception area of Hotel La Pergola.

Patio and pool at La Pergola.

Patio and pool at La Pergola. My room was no. 15, to the left. The breakfast area is at the end on the top right of the photo.

The first patio at La Pergola

The first patio at La Pergola

My room at La Pergola

The room was somewhat small, I guess because I had to bring a chair in from outside and there was no real place to put my suitcases. I saw little ants, etc. on the floor, so I didn’t want to put them there. The white thing at the center top of the photo was the air conditioning unit. I didn’t see any noisy window units like we have here.

Water jug in hotel

This water jug was at La Pergola, but El Patio del Malinche also had one. We filled our bottles frequently and were careful to drink only the bottled water. None of us had any problem.

Breakfast was a tad different from the previous hotel. The “bio” breakfast was the whole breakfast from the other hotel in a bowl, minus the toast. For an extra $4.50.

Breakfast at La Pergola

This was almost the same as the Hotel El Patio del Malinche — except in one small bowl.

The breakfast that’s included is a continental breakfast, with toast, margarine (!), jelly, coffee and juice. No seconds on coffee. The yogurt was somewhat runny. Ah, well. It’s still less expensive than the other hotel.

Then I was off to do some errands. I wanted to find a different hairclip. We looked Saturday, without success. Today, I went to the first market where we’d been with Javier on Friday. I found what I was looking for at the second stall — for a whole 5 cordobas (20 cents). I made a real point of walking on the side of the street where the shade was — and it was many degrees cooler.

Then I set off to find the third language school we’d looked at, Sol. Along the way I found some things I’d missed.

Iglesia La Merced

La Merced, a large church between the cathedral and Xalteva. This is a tourist attraction, because you can pay and climb up the tower, giving a great view of Granada. The face of the church is not in good condition. And, of course, the electrical wires are everywhere.

Colored glass in garage / entry door.

I’m not sure that the glass was stained glass, but it was colored. Notice the ramps, which are everywhere. This is a combination front door / garage. The vehicle drives over the curb and then up these ramps and is parked behind these doors,. It looks like this is also the front door, because of the steps between the ramps. I’d hate to face that every time I went home or left to go somewhere….

Family of four on a bike

A family outing — dad, mom and two children on one bike.

Man and woman in horse-drawn cart

A man and woman traveling in another means of local transportation. I guess taking groceries home would be a little easier than balancing it on the handlebars of a bike.

Cell phone advertising

I kept seeing “Movistar” (movie star????) on carriages and tents. It turns out the two big cell phone providers are Movistar and Claro. Movistar is blue, Claro red. We saw signs, carriages and little pop-ups around with these two names on them.

Annabelle and I looked for Sol language school Friday afternoon, without success. I almost didn’t find it this morning, either…the school has no sign that says “Sol”, just a listing of its offerings.

Sol language school

Sol language school, but how would you know?

Sign for Sol language school

This was the sign for Sol language school. I walked by this literally three times, maybe because at least twice I didn’t notice the sign (or maybe it wasn’t there?). Notice that nowhere do you see the name of the school.

Inside Sol language school

Inside Sol language school. The bright light to the left was a patio and kitchen area. The school itself seemed to be one room, dark but new, with the usual partitions.

Third, I went back to the Casa de los Tres Mundos to get a coffee painting, only to find the paintings were gone. So, I saved US $20. In the end I had a  latte at the Fitzcarraldo, the coffee shop attached to the Tres Mundos and read for a while.

Fitzcarraldo, the coffeehouse of the Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada.

Fitzcarraldo, apparently named for the film by German director Werner Herzog, based on an historical Peruvian of the same name. The coffeehouse offers light refreshments and coffees.

Then back to the hotel. I decided I’d eat a late lunch at Kathy’s Waffle House again. On the way out of the hotel, I managed to trip over the uneven sidewalk and fall. A scraped elbow and fortunately not a huge bruise on my right thigh later, I had a nice lunch. Afterward, I went back to the gallery where I’d talked to the son of the owner about my glass. His brother-in-law was there today. I left a cactus sun catcher for the man. The brother-in-law got all excited about it.

On the way home I stopped at the Montebianco Gelateria for a pear ice cream. When I got back to the hotel, I had a message from the gallery. I grabbed my few things that I brought and went back. After several [hone conversations between the two, the brother-in-law picked seven pieces. The other words at the airport and will meet me tomorrow to get them and pay me. We’ll see if that really works. A gallery in Granada would be cool, especially if the folks running it like the pieces.

My room is by the pool. We seem to have a group of six or so college-age Americans who don’t worry too much about how much noise they make in the pool — or how late they’re there.

Back in the room, I started working with the photos for the last week. I’ll add many more in earlier posts.

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