Day 11 (Tuesday), Granada / Managua / Tucson

It was a short night. The young people, oblivious to everything until I took my camera and shot a couple of photos (that are, by the way, unusable), had fun in and around the pool until well after midnight. The hotel staff began preparing for breakfast about 5:30. At least, this morning they didn’t blast the radio. It was a short night, and I have been in a bad mood all day.

I had the bio breakfast again, this time joined by another guest for a little conversation. I then had to dash to get the taxi, but apparently I managed not to communicate the correct time, because the front desk thought the taxi was coming at 9:30 and I thought I’d asked for 8:45. I kept thinking my 12:17 flight was at 2, I’m not sure why.

It took a good hour to get to the airport from Granada. The Managua airport is not all that large. at least from the outside. I filled out a form for Nicaragua, checked my bag (which took a long time because of the chatty folks ahead of me in line), and went through passport control and a minimal security check.

I had understood that the gallery person worked at the airport and would meet me there. I had a work number for him at the airport — unfortunately, he still wasn’t there at 10. So, no Nicaraguan representation at this time. Too bad.

The flight, a 737 aircraft, was pretty full from Managua to Houston. Arriving in Houston, we passed through the formalities rather quickly, even though the computerized kiosks went down briefly just as I got there (my negative aura?). The airport was freezing, followed by a freezing flight from Houston to Tucson (actually, I seemed to have been in the freezing, blowing area. Farther back it was rather warm).

And now I’m home, to find I had left a bedroom light on for the last 11 days. Ah, well. It’s always something.

I’ll catch up with photos over the next few days.

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