Day 5 – Gig Harbor

Iris had an exam to take online, so she and ILona picked me up afterwards, around 11:30. We went back to Gig Harbor, where we’d had dinner Saturday evening. This time many galleries were open.

ILona, being new to the area, is still looking around for places to carry her art. We saw a lot of glass, but I didn’t take photos, since galleries are usually nervous about that. It’s always interesting to see what others are doing, and I got some ideas.
The Sound from Gig Harbor
We had a great lunch in a little restaurant by the water. Mount Rainier poked its snowy summit out of the clouds, so I got a few photos. We saw lots and lots of boats of all kinds, of course, and a parasailor at the end.

Mt. Rainier from Gig Harbor
The temperature was in the high 70s. It still felt quite warm, though not as bad as the day before.

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