Tucson, Arizona, June 12, 2016

June 16 was a big day for a lot of people. Nancy Elliott, owner of Katy’s Cache at Monterey Court / super seamstress and designer / singer and guitarist, put on her first fashion show.

Nancy Elliott, with beaded necklace by Gale Thomssen of Cactus Wren Artisans Too

Nancy Elliott, with wonderful beaded necklace by Gale Thomssen of Cactus Wren Artisans Too

Nancy had five models: Andra, Bobbi Jeen (the most famous of the group), Cory, Martha and Sherry. With Nancy’s creations they wore jewelry from Cactus Wren Artisans, creations by Gale Thomssen, Emily Hall, Pam Conner and me. Since this is my blog, I’ll just show my work (except for the photo of Nancy, with Gale’s wonderful beaded piece). The models were super; I found, though, that fashion photography is not my calling. For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to show the models alphabetically.

Nancy talked about doing another fashion show in the fall. To find out more, sign up for the Monterey Court newsletter at montereycourtaz.com.

Andra in red pendant

Here’s Andra in a red pendant on red cord. I’d pretty much given up on this piece, but it worked wonderfully with this dress of Nancy’s.

Andra in aqua vertical necklace

Andra selected a 3-piece vertical necklace in aqua (I would call it “teal”, producer CBS calls it “aqua”) for this bright piece by Nancy.

Andra in iridized white pyramid pendant + earrings

For this mainly-red-and-white dress, Andra picked the iridized white version of my upside down pyramid pendant on a gold wire, with matching earrings.

Andra in purple pyramid

Andra wears the purple dichroic version, which goes well with this dress.

Bobbi Jeen in gold pyramid plus earrings

Bobbi Jeen, the real professional of the models, selected the gold version of the upside down pyramid pendant and earrings for this outfit. The dichroic glass started out “salmon”, but for some reason fired gold.

Bobbi Jeen in 5-piece red glass necklace and earrings

For this blouse, Bobbi Jeen picked the 5-piece red necklace with matching earrings. My camera and I weren’t fast enough to get really good shots of her.

Corey in green pendant

Cory, Nancy’s daughter, found a multi-hued green pendant on a copper neckwire to go with this purple dress with sheer, multicolored covering.

Corey, same pendant, different outfit.

Cory, same pendant, different outfit.

This shot of Cory, in a red/yellow/lime green pendant, was done by professional photographer Robert Block.

This shot of Cory, in a red/yellow/ lime green pendant, was done by professional photographer Robert Block.

Martha in magenta pyramid necklace

Moving on to Martha, who picked the magenta version of the upside down pyramid pendant. I could have gotten a better angle….

Martha in beige earrings with salmon dichro

Martha matched one of  Gale Thomssen’s beaded necklaces with my beige + salmon dichroic clip earrings.

Martha in multi-barrette

Martha pulled her long hair back in one of my black barrettes with multi-colored dichroic glass highlights.

Sherrie in 5 pc red necklace w matching earrings

A serious Sherry picked the 5-piece red necklace with matching hanging earrings to highlight this blue-and-white dress.

Sherrie in 5-pc red necklace

And again for this outfit… I’ve heard that red jewelry is difficult to find.

Sherrie in lime green

This time Sherry picked a lime green / yellow pendant and hanging earrings.

herry in 5-pc multi necklace w earrings

To add a little pizzazz to the white blouse, Sherry selected a 5-piece black necklace with multi-colored dichroic centers and matching earrings.

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