May 3, 2018, New York

From out of the past, a woman I had worked with in college at our radio station (WCWP, 1st on your FM dial at 88.1, from the campus of C.W. Post College of Long Island University in Brookville, New York) was to get an award from the station. I had seen her a couple of years ago in Parkersburg, where she lives, on my way to buy glass at Wissmach Glass in Paden  City, West Virginia. I thought I would go to the event. It turned out that another student from our time, John LiBretto, was going to be giving her the award.

I took advantage of the opportunity to see at least two old friends and hopped a plane for my New York adventure.

I flew into JFK airport. La Guardia might have been cheaper, but it’s under massive construction. Fortunately, someone mentioned this before I’d made my flight reservations. After a few glitches — my flight was changed to a slightly earlier one because of bad weather in Chicago, we then sat for a couple of hours on the tarmac in Dallas because of bad weather — I arrived in New York. Trying to figure out the system to get out of the airport and to Jamaica to get the Long Island Railroad was a challenge. It seems that you pay $5 to get out of the airport. You need a ticket for that, sort of like the D.C. metro tickets. Then you need a separate ticket for the LIRR, which was also confusing the first time. I did get the train to Hicksville, arriving too late to get the Enterprise Rental car I had reserved (and cancelled when I saw I wouldn’t get there before closing), only to find that the railroad station was also under renovation.

I went to the local Yellow Cab stand to get a taxi to the EconoLodge, which turned out to be just out of walking distance. The cab company offered another real “welcome” to New York — rude, rude, rude. But less than $10.

The hotel, as we approached from the back, was reminiscent of a terrible one I’d been in a few years ago in Parkersburg. However, inside it was clean and the young guy at the front desk was quite helpful. The next problem was: my room was on the second floor, no elevator. I managed — practice for a trip this summer.


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