July 22, 2018, France

The train from Basel to Strasbourg via Offenburg, Germany, had a problem. This meant a delay, which resulted in an even longer delay in getting to my destination, Saverne.  I ended up arriving in Strasbourg with no train to Saverne for about 3 hours. With some effort the night before, i had purchased the ticket from Strasbourg to Saverne with the SNCF (French train system) app. However, the e-ticket was only good for that train, and I’d missed it. I explained this (in my best French) to an SNCF employee who gave me a note about the change in trains. No one checked my ticket.

In fact, no one checked passports going from Switzerland (non-EU) to Germany or France (both EU). The man sitting in front of me as we left Basel had his ID checked by two young women / German customs officers. I don’t know if he did something suspicious or if they were just spot-checking, but it was interesting to watch them work.

Jacqueline and her husband, André, picked me up in Saverne and took off for the town of Baccarat, home of the famous crystal. We were late, because of my train problems. We did get a chance to look at the Baccarat jewelry shop and the main shop, but we just missed the museum. On the way back to the car, we stopped in the church there St. Remy de Baccarat — an extreme opposite of Einsiedeln: stone, simple, gorgeous colored windows (created by Baccarat). The windows were for the most part just colored glass, not stained glass.

Then it was on to Seichamps, outside Nancy, dinner and conversation.



  1. PamelaRoberts

     /  July 22, 2018

    Give my regards to Jacqueline and André

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