August 19-20 From Koblenz to Cochem

Early Sunday morning Gertrud’s brother Günther drove us to Koblenz to the pier from which the ship was to leave. Although Gertrud was born and raised in Cologne, she had never taken this trip.

Leaving Koblenz Leaving Koblenz

Along the way we saw one of the ships for river cruises:

For river cruises

For river cruises 

Along the Mosel we had to pass through a lock:

We saw a lot of castles and picturesque buildings:



After about five hours, we arrived in Cochem:


I used to look at a wonderful photo of this town in our gallery, which was why I wanted to see Cochem for myself. My photos aren’t nearly so impressive, though….

Near the center of activity in the town I found this painted building, which I thought was interesting:

Painted building in Cochem

I liked this detail:

The church had some rather modern windows:

Window in Cochem church

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