About me:  I’m a fused glass artist by passion. Also a writer and editor by passion, but fusing seems to be getting more attention these days.

Short and to the point: Born and for the most part raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Degree in German from C.W. Post College/ Long Island University. Highlight: working at the college radio station, WCWP.

Afterwards, took a series of boring secretarial jobs, because what can you do with a degree in German and no education courses? Married, moved to Albuquerque, NM, took several journalism courses at the University of New Mexico, rode horses, had a baby.

Husband transferred to Washington, D.C. I had some super jobs with German, while daughter started school at the German School Washington. Split from husband, had more interesting jobs using German, ended up in Switzerland to pay for my half of daughter’s college.

My mother died in early 2002, and I moved to Tucson to sell her house. I never did…and I’m still in Tucson. Spent some frustrating years in low-paid, dead-end jobs and finally decided, if not now, when? Today I just fuse glass.

Daughter, meantime, married, moved to Richmond, Virginia, and has two terrific munchkins.

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